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Our company is among the most furious in models always at the forefront with the fashion of the world of psychedelic parties all over the world based in goa in India and Bali Indonesia.

Our adventure began in 1996 with the intention of divulging the meaning of the flower of life and the sacred geometries. Of course, we have always known ourselves using new symbols and models that are always different in our genre, I always thought of creating Jedi-style models where the constellation of the Pleiades gives me my galactic inspirations.

Our philosophy is based on a different model of life, where people when wearing our clothes feel stronger and more connected with a galactic spiritual stellar part. We are a group of alternative people who have never centered their life in business but in spirit, always trying to balance their own being harmoniously, in doing so always proposing clothing connected on a spiritual level

Many times the models are imagined in front of a speaker where the music penetrates our being and we let ourselves go in a moment of transcendence. When you buy from us you are helping real people, people who gave their own life to a very specific spiritual goal we are a family of light where we are all connected.

Always blast in peace

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