We are happy to serve you up with the most exclusive designs and the highest quality manufacturing.

We have a new collection every season, every 6 months. We try to change our models all the time, but some models are so good they are still selling after 10 years.

These are the classic Flower of Life designs.
The Tshirt prints are similar but different from season to season. We want people to have exclusive items as much as possible.
All our items are made from the highest quality fabric and produced by highly skilled craftsmen and tailors in magical Bali.

Sometimes bad luck will allow a flaw to be included, but as the Balinese say," only the gods can make everything perfect"
After many years of experience we use the best fabrics and the best Tailors on the planet...some of our designs are so difficult to stitch that many tailors refuse to work with us!!!.

We are very happy to serve you with our best effort to dress you up with the most exclusive designs and manufacturing.
Now is the time to look at the new era of FLOWER OF LIFE BY PLEIADIAN.

Enjoy it.... Om Shanti Om....

Luca and Family.